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Türeller Machine Industry and Trade Co. LTD was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1993.


With her fully domestic capital structure, the firm focused primarily on various machine, spare parts and tool production until the early 2000s.


Having begun investment in the plastics sector in 2002, Türeller diversified her manufacturing portfolio to include plastic products in 2004

Türeller has grown to become the largest plastic ear swab manufacturer in Europe.  Her portfolio also includes products such as drinking straws, lollypop sticks,aeresol straws and ball point pen chambers.


Paper ear swab stick production started in 2017.  Current investment focuses on expanding paper products manufacturing capacity to include straws, lollypop and flag sticks.


Sensitive to environmental sustainability, Türeller uses biodegradable plastics in her products.


An industry leader in the Turkish market with exports to many countries in the world, Türeller production facilities are located at the Ali Kahya industrial zone in Kocaeli Turkey.

Türeller Makina Sanayi Kurumsal
Türeller Makina Misyon Vizyon


With production focused mainly on plastic and paper ear swab sticks, Türeller has a annual plastic processing capacity of 4,000 metric tons.The firm also services the medical and cosmetic cotton products industry by providing cotton cutting and imprinting dies and cylinders, as well as various spare parts.

To ensure maximum yield and production stability for her customers, Türeller collaborates with research and product development departments of leading machine manufacturers.


The main product line is listed as follows:

türeller ürünler
türeller makina
  • Plastic ear swab sticks
  • Paper ear swab sticks
  •  Plastic drinking straws
  • Paper straws
  • Plastic sticks used in agriculture and greenhouses
  • Aerosol straws
  • Flag sticks
  • Ball point pen chambers
  • Plastic lollypop sticks
  • Paper lollypop sticks
  • Cotton cutting dies
  • Food processing machinery parts
  • Textile machinery parts
türeller makina ürünler



To create value for the country and future generations by employing environmentally friendly production practices and the most up-to-date technologies.

Türeller Makina Kurumsal


To create employment opportunities, contribute to the economy, improve awareness of her products worldwide, and to maintain leadership in the sector.

Türeller Makina Misyon


Stick Competence Center

We are glad to announce that we will be offering our paper sticks and specially treated paper rolls directly to our Customers.

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Türeller Paketlenmiş farklı ebat ve renkte kağıt çubukların üretimi

We commission the new production plant

Türeller has started up its new facility located in Ali Kahya Organized Industrial Zone, Kocaeli, Turkey. Sticks …

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ISO 9000 Sertifikası

ISO 9000

ISO 9000 Quality Standards Series is a set of standards published by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) that guides organizations  towards creating and improving a Quality Management System aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 is the standard that defines and constitutes the basis of documentation necessary while building the Quality Management System. Türeller, adheres to ISO 9000 Quality Standards Series in all their processes.

FSC sertifikası


FSC® is an international organization founded by Forest Stewartship Council® in 1993. The duties of the institution are defining standards about forest management, documentation and doing the necessary activities for labeling forest products, and their mission is declared as “guiding organizations and consumers about forests world-wide”. Within this framework, Türeller is able to provide their paper products along with the FSC® certificate (FSC® C151669) .

Türeller Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi.




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