We reached an agreement with Falu AG

TIn time for the new legislation to come into force, Falu AG and Türeller Ltd are pleased to announce their partnership for the production and distribution of a wide variety of sticks, or shafts as we also like to call them. It is our objective to make available shafts from all type of materials, be it paper, plastic or any other biodegradable substance. These shafts are used to produce cotton swabs, lollipops and other products. With the offer of a complete range of shafts made from all kinds of material we provide service and lower transportation costs at the same time to our customers.

Türeller, İsviçre Menşeili Falu AG

Türeller has taken the responsibility of producing the shafts, Falu of providing them to the market. The shafts, particularly the ones made of paper, are of excellent quality and can be used on all types of cotton swab machines.

In depth testing and optimizing in an industrial environment during last year results today in superior reliability on all commonly known swab machines. During the next 6 months the already substantial capacity will increase significantly in line with market demands.

Türeller Makina Sanayi Ltd is a family owned company internationally active in the business of plastic stick production and sales since more than 15 years and is located in Kocaeli near Istanbul in Turkey.

Falu AG, also family owned, is a worldwide leader in the production of cotton swab machines including packaging and has been in the business for more than 50 years.